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Ammiel Alcalay: Part II by Risa Kahn
Alcalay  Photo Body

Ammiel Alcalay, author of Islanders, continues his discussion with Risa Kahn about the action of remembering, and how memories play into his work. Read part one here.

Ammiel Alcalay: Part I by Risa Kahn
Alcalay  Photo Body

Ammiel Alcalay remembers lost time in his poetic novel Islanders. Risa Kahn spoke with Alcalay about what it means to remember in the first of a two-part interview.

Tablet & Pen by Risa Kahn
Reza Body

Tablet & Pen, an anthology of contemporary Middle Eastern literature, gives insight into this region in a way American media cannot. Reza Aslan, the anthology’s editor, discusses how prose can both bridge dissonant societies and create cultural identities.

Marisa Silver by Risa Kahn
Marisa Silver

Under a range of settings and circumstances, Marisa Silver’s characters are all grappling with how to be close to a lover, a parent, a child—accepting the obstacles and unpleasant emotions that come along with intimacy.

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