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Movies and Their Making: New York Film Festival’s Kent Jones by Peter Gizzi
Jones Gizzi

“We choose the films that mean the most to us and offer them and let people react to them and form their own impressions and judgments.”

Forever Curious: Remembering John Ashbery by Peter Gizzi
Ashbery Fountain Collage 01

Read remembrances from Charles Bernstein, Emily Skillings, Andrew Durbin, and others.

Three Poems by Peter Gizzi

You wonder summer’s terabyte, / here on the terra forming, / floating and atomizing, / giving over to shadow,

Peter Gizzi’s Threshold Songs by Levi Rubeck

The joy of reading Peter Gizzi’s poetry comes from the tense stretch and pull of his language between extremes of sonic taffy pleasure and accessible linguistic connection.

Q&A with Peter Gizzi by ​Levi Rubeck
Peter Gizzi

Levi Rubeck talks to poet Peter Gizzi about loss, literature as instruction manual, and the accident of selfhood.

Three Poems by Peter Gizzi
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