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Joe Wenderoth by Paola Capó García

“Beautiful, stupid, dangerous, life-saving, corrupting, and perhaps all there is.”

Juana Molina by Paola Capó García

Language barriers, meaningless titles, and what it takes to “bake a cake.”

Metropia by Paola Capó García
Metropia 1

Set against the backdrop of a blue-grey tinged Europe circa 2024, Tarik Saleh’s Metropia is an exploration of how unattractive the world can be. In his first solo, non-doc outing, the Turkish-Swedish director concocts a dystopic future in which surveillance and depravity rule its sluggish population.

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll by Paola Capó García
Sex Drugs1 Body

If there is any question as to what Mat Whitecross’s Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is all about, look no further than its title. The rockin’ biopic, in theaters now, chronicles Ian Dury’s precarious road to success as The Blockheads frontman.

Plants and Animals and Ra Ra Riot at Union Hall by Paola Capó García
Plantsandanimals1 Body

Buzzy Plants and Animals and surprise guests Ra Ra Riot played a sold out show at Union Hall on the 13th. Paola Capó-García reports, noting the discrepancies between the live and studio sounds of both bands.

Interview: The Antlers’ Darby Cicci by Paola Capó García
Antlersbr11 Body

It started with a concept. Then the concept bore a story. That story grew out of a Brooklyn apartment, from the reported self-imposed isolation of a twenty-something. Words were written, sounds were paired, an album was produced: Hospice by The Antlers.

Tom Fleming of Wild Beasts by Paola Capó García
Photo By Tom Beard Body

Paola Capó Garcia interviews Tom Fleming, of the UK band Wild Beasts.

Tall Tall Trees at Union Pool by Paola Capó García
Talltrees1 Body

There were triangles, banjos, man-made sound makers, didgeridoo noises, bongos, bass, and claps and whistles and howls. There seemed to be every instrument, familiar and foreign, on stage during Tall Tall Trees’ performance at Union Pool.

Odd Bird by Paola Capó García
Oddbird Body

tUnE-YaRdS released her BiRd-BrAiNs album in 2009 and has just released a new album titled whokill, a mix of freak folk, R&B and African that forms initially jarring, but ultimately beautiful, experimental collections.

So Cal State Of Mind: Fool’s Gold At Music Hall Of Williamsburg by Paola Capó García
Fool's Gold

I can safely say that L.A.-based Fool’s Gold played an inventive, joyous set last week at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Aunt Martha @ The Living Room by Paola Capó García
Auntmartha1 Body

New York band Aunt Martha seemed to check off all the aforementioned from its “how-to-folk-rock” list, which didn’t make the end product prosaic, rather it made it dependable.

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