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Ognjen Glavonić by Pamela Cohn

“It’s really important that my colleagues, the filmmakers from all Yugoslav countries, turn their cameras toward themselves, so as to dissect and question what really constitutes our recent history.”

Adam & Zack Khalil by Pamela Cohn
Khalil Bomb 3

“It’s the trickster element that exists throughout Ojibway storytelling and history, engaging both the sacred and the profane, turning things upside down and looking at them from a fresh perspective.”

William Fowler by Pamela Cohn
John Marbury 1

Restoring, archiving, and exhibiting artists‘ films from the post-punk era.

Samba Gadjigo and Jason Silverman by Pamela Cohn
Ousmane Sembene 1

A new documentary celebrates the great filmmaker Ousmane Sembène.

Jesse Moss by Pamela Cohn
Pastor And Overnighters 1

Compassion, religion, and secrets in a North Dakota boom town.

Deborah Stratman by Pamela Cohn
Deborah Stratman 1 Bomb

Sound, image, espionage, and methods of control.

Joshua Oppenheimer by Pamela Cohn
The Look Of Silence Oppenheimer

The Look of Silence, and the price of forgiveness.

Robert Greene by Pamela Cohn
Robert Greene 01

Exploring performance in documentary film.

Orwa Nyrabia by Pamela Cohn
Silvered Water Syria Self-Portrait

Civil war, exile, and documentary as art.

Iva Radivojevic by Pamela Cohn
Peter Snowdon by Pamela Cohn
Peter Snowdon 01

Snowdon on the layering of realities in his new film, The Uprising, a blend of fictional narrative and documentary footage of the Arab Spring uprisings.

Jason Osder by Pamela Cohn
Let The Fire Burn

Filmmaker Jason Osder discusses his documentaryLet the Fire Burn, an investigation into the 1985 bombing of the MOVE collective in Philadelphia.

Mia Engberg by Pamela Cohn
Belleville Baby

Mia Engberg discusses her latest film, Belleville Baby, and trusting the filmmaking process.

Banker White by Pamela Cohn
​Ed White and Pam White​

Banker White takes us through the impermanence of memory and familial filmmaking in his documentary on his mother and mother’s mother, The Genius of Marian.

Joshua Oppenheimer by Pamela Cohn
Act Of Killing 1

Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing explores the experience of tragedy and horror of genocide in Indonesia through imaginative recreations made with the killers themselves.

Mark Cousins by Pamela Cohn
 What Is This Film Called Love

Director and critic Mark Cousins on conveying the experience of traveling in his film What Is This Film Called… Love? and about the potentials and limitations of film festivals.

Terence Nance by Pamela Cohn
Animated Heart Body

Pamela Cohn sits down with Terence Nance, creator of the powerful new film An Oversimplification of Her Beauty.

Sara Garcia Villanueva by Pamela Cohn
Pietra Brettkelly by Pamela Cohn
Maori Boy Genius

Pietra Brettkelly talks with Pamela Cohn about Maori Boy Genius, her new documentary about New Zealand’s Maori people and their Boy Genius, Ngaa Rauuira Pumanawawhiti.

Lina Mannheimer by Pamela Cohn
Catherine Robbe-Grillet

Lina Mannheimer talks about her relationship to French popular icon Catherine Robbe-Grillet, who is the subject of Mannheimer’s upcoming documentary, The Ceremony.

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