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How to Win a Pulitzer by Neil Michael Hagerty
Vangogh Poo Body

Greg Oden-obsessive and avante-rock legende Neil Michael Hagerty chats up Jay Ruttenberg, editor of The Lowbrow Reader Reader.

Neil Michael Hagerty by Keith Connolly
Neil Michael Hagerty

For 25-plus years Neil Michael Hagerty has been in the business of catalytic transformation. To DC-cum-NYC punk outfit Pussy Galore, he brought a blues-guitar semiotics that helped to define a signature style of trash. He then quit to form Royal Trux with Jennifer Herrema, behind which the now-thriving Drag City record label was launched.

Royal Trux by Tod Wizon
Royal Trux 1

Royal Trux’s scuzzy biker image belies a music of great complexity, nuance, and imagination. With a wash of organ here, and a little wah wah there, Royal Trux turn their devoted eyes towards the music of the ’60s, which they charmingly evoke rather than recreate. 

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