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April Bernard’s Miss Fuller by Mimi Thompson
Ec Miss Fuller

April Bernard began Miss Fuller to explore the pathos of Margaret Fuller’s short, freethinking life.

Rachel Hovnanian by Mimi Thompson
Rachel Hovnovian 5 Bomb Body

Although beauty’s fragile existence indicates its imminent end, our culture seems determined to keep youth’s flawless face and undeniable power on extended loan.

Bobbie Oliver by Mimi Thompson
Article 4804 ​Bobbie Oliver

Working for Isamu Noguchi in the 1980s, Bobbie Oliver saw the time this artist took to study a stone before altering it in any way.

Lluis Lleó by Mimi Thompson & Keith Sonnier
Lle 01

Mimi Thompson and Keith Sonnier on how Lluis Lleó’s family lineage and his interest in cooking inspire him, as well as how his paintings dare to extend out into space.

Stanley Whitney by Mimi Thompson
Whi 03

Mimi Thompson on how Stanley Whitney’s colorful grid paintings aspire to “density with a lot of air.”

Sheila Berger by Mimi Thompson
Berger 02

Mimi Thompson on how Sheila Berger’s paintings manage to brilliantly evoke emotions, places and times.

Chambliss Giobbi by Mimi Thompson
Giobbi 1 Body

Chambliss Giobbi borrows from Cubism and Futurism in his collages, made up of torn photographic pieces sealed under beeswax.

Thomas Shannon by Mimi Thompson

Thomas Shannon’s floating world has a precision that can be paired with dreams. Using Earth’s gravity as mean point, a kind of beginning, Shannon guides inert materials such as aluminum and wood to release their weight.

Judy Pfaff by Mimi Thompson
Judy Pfaff 01 Bomb 069

In a time when science and art refuse to behave categorically, Judy Pfaff’s work moves even farther beyond, bending the rows that keep things in line.

Philip-Lorca di Corcia by Mimi Thompson
68 Dicorcia 01 Body
Rita McBride by Mimi Thompson
212703571 02032015 Rita Mcbride 01 Bomb 065

Using her architectural skills and her knowledge of industrial materials, Rita McBride pushes fine art into the world of politics, questioning the highly programmed experience of art viewing and creating work and catalogues that, in her own words, “don’t fit” in any category.

Yayoi Kusama by Mimi Thompson
64 Kusama 01 Body
Billy Copley by Mimi Thompson
63 Billy Copley 2

Inside Billy Copley’s subconscious, cartoon characters, declarative statements, and phonetic alphabets battle for attention.

Johan Grimonprez’s dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y by Mimi Thompson
Bomb 62 Grimonprez Body

Mimicking the methods of the news media, Johan Grimonprez has created an anxiety-provoking, manipulative, and exhilarating 68-minute film titled dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y.

Jeanne Dunning by Mimi Thompson
Jeanne Dunning 01

Jeanne Dunning creates work brimming with a macabre stylishness.

Jane Wilson by Mimi Thompson
Jane Wilson Bomb 037

Wilson discusses her “weather” paintings with Mimi Thompson.

Jane Wilson by Mimi Thompson
Jane Wilson Bomb 037
Roni Horn by Mimi Thompson
Roni Horn 1992 Peter Bellamy Small

“I see these objects that I produce as existing in a very impure world, fraught with entropy and dirt.”

Two Paintings by Mimi Thompson
19 Thompson 01 Body

Two ink and crayon works on paper by Mimi Thompson, titled Norway and Lady in a Hat, by Mimi Thompson.

Roy Lichtenstein by April Bernard & Mimi Thompson
Lichtenstein 01 Body

April Bernard and Mimi Thompson speak with the legendary American painter on the eve of a Fall 1986 exhibition of his work, getting to the bottom of Lichtenstein’s brushstrokes and revealing his true feelings about comics.

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