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Fonotone Records: Frederick, Maryland by Mike McGonigal
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Sometimes you see a thing done so thoroughly, pristinely, and with utter care, you wonder why anyone else would attempt anything similar—ever. Such is the case with the obsessively crafted CD reissue projects of Atlanta, Georgia’s Dust-to-Digital, whose Grammy-nominated gospel music overview, Goodbye Babylon, fit five unerringly-curated discs inside a pine box packed with cotton and a hymnal-sized book. 

Goodbye Babylon, Various Artists by Mike McGonigal
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Goodbye Babylon is a beautifully designed box set of gospel music that combines tracks of well known artists with restored tracks from lesser known artists that appear digitally for the first time.

Elliott Sharp by Mike McGonigal
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Best known as an improviser associated with New York’s fertile downtown music scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s, Elliott Sharp is also a prolific composer, producer, installation artist and record-label honcho. 

Robert Pollard by Mike McGonigal
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This 43-year-old ex-schoolteacher and object of hero worship is a beer-drinking, chain-smoking basketball-playing regular dude who happens to be obsessed with experimental and psychedelic pop music.

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