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Does Abstraction Belong to White People? by Miguel Gutierrez
Movement Study Abstract

Thinking the politics of race in contemporary dance. 

Looking Back on 2017: Theater & Performance
Looking Back 2017 Theater

Featuring selections by Bethany Ides, Isaac Pool, Charles Bernstein, Matthew Weinstein, Ivan Talijancic, and more.

Miguel Gutierrez by Ishmael Houston-Jones
Miguel Gutierrez 1 Body

“It’s important to create these limitations around time or how we show ‘approval’ for what someone has done beyond ego-feeding propositions and without creating a pecking order in the classes. Who am I, even as the teacher, to decide whose work is good or not?”

Jaime Manrique by Edith Grossman
Jaime Manrique By Ra L Jalube Body

“The tragedy of imperialism is that its dehumanizing machinery disrupts the cultures of the colonized. That’s why after imperial powers conquer a nation it sometimes takes centuries for the conquered to create cohesive civilizations again and to regain their identity.”

Miguel Gutierrez: Powerful Person by Lindsay Howard
Miguel Gutierrez 01

Miguel Gutierrez, an active member of the New York dance scene since 2001, creates solo and group performances under the moniker Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People.

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