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Tina Barney by Michèle Gerber Klein
Tina Barney by Michèle Gerber Klein
Joel Shapiro by Michèle Gerber Klein
D Orsay Modified Flat Body

“Making art that enriches one’s experience is a lofty ambition.”

Maurizio Cattelan by Michèle Gerber Klein
Maurizio Cattelan 19

“People don’t understand the new pictures; they are really confused. Frequently they ask how I found this material. I say, ‘in my grandmother’s trunk,’ but that’s not true.”

Tristan Perich by Michèle Gerber Klein
Tristan Perich 01

At 25, Tristan Perich is obsessed with machines; music has been a part of his life since he was conscious. 

Richard Pare by Michèle Gerber Klein
Pare01New Body

“So this photograph is like a short story telling of the way of life that had been going on in this one space over generations.”

Robert Polidori by Michèle Gerber Klein
Polidori03 Body

“What we are looking at in these museum restorations is the society’s superego, what a society thinks of itself, and how it thinks it should be seen by itself. This is what individuals do to a room. Again this same theme. It’s the exteriorization of the soul life or of personal values.”

Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge by Michèle Gerber Klein
Berssenbrugge03 Body

“I’m trying not to be separated. I like trying to be a medium.” Mei—Mei Berssenbrugge

Ellen Phelan by Michèle Gerber Klein
Phelan01 Body

When Ellen Phelan first told me about her plan to work with existing photographs—family-album snapshots of her life from childhood through adulthood, some shot by her father and others by her husband, Joel Shapiro—I was immediately touched and intrigued.

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