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Klaus Kertess’s Seen, Written by Max Blagg
Klaus Kertess 01

Seen, Written is filled with fluid and poetic dissertations on a wide range of artists and their work, standouts among them the essays on Carroll Dunham, Brice Marden, and Louisiana shaman Keith Sonnier.

Five Poems by Max Blagg

Two huts on the tundra,
one inhabited by well-scrubbed boy scouts,
the other by drunkards trying to get clean
in a lonely place

’70s Slight Return from Pink Instrument by Max Blagg & Ralph Gibson
64 Gibson 01

My daughter offered me a hundred
dollars to eat a dead moth

The Bump (I–VIII) by Max Blagg

Walking out of the pharmacy
I felt the bones in my daughter’s hand,

Five Days by Max Blagg

In the winter of 1971, as a mandatory phase of my ongoing homage to the Beat generation, I hit the highway out of New York, bound for San Francisco, “See America First” the motto tattooed on my backpack …

Spit by Max Blagg

The last time I saw my school cap it was in a plastic bag on my mother’s dressing table, a venerable fetish of my misspent youth. 

Teeth. by Max Blagg

I love the shiny, pristine teeth that most Americans keep behind their lips, pearly immaculate rows of ivory, often capped in precious metals, brilliant they seem and impervious to decay, and their children’s teeth, wrapped in steel for years so they too, will grow in straight and flawless. 

Licking The Fun Up by Max Blagg

Advice from the good doctor on how to survive in this Babylon
this “garden of longing sown with the seeds of ruin”
this unrequited howling for more
more of everything, of anything …

Gary Indiana by Max Blagg
Gary Indiana

“People will always recognize themselves, no matter what you write. You could write a complete fantasy and people would think you were writing about them. It’s always the case. I’m not too concerned about that, unless somebody sues me.”

Gary Indiana by Max Blagg
Gary Indiana

Gary Indiana’s Horse Crazy is a raucous and hilarious whirlwind of obsession; with writing, love, delusion and, in the end, with surviving.

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