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Two Poems by Matthea Harvey
Ericyahnker Nervoussurf

Worried and fabulous. Funny and weary. Matthea Harvey’s damaged mermaids would rather not but will. These poems don’t drag, they drift.

Kara Walker by Matthea Harvey
Kara Walker 1

I’ve been thinking about Kara Walker’s work for a long time. Two years ago, a bleeding barn from one of her watercolors appeared in one of my poems. 

Three Poems by Matthea Harvey
Hans Faverey’s Against Forgetting, translated by Francis R. Jones by Matthea Harvey

Francis R. Jones has delicately translated poems of the Dutch poet and psychologist Hans Faverey. His work combines salient imagery and complex wordplay.

The Ganzfeld by Matthea Harvey
Blegvad 1 Body

Like that of the magnified moth on the cover of its third issue, The Ganzfeld‘s wingspan is wider and stranger than its modest self-description as “an annual book of pictures and prose.”

Jenny Lynn Penberthy’s Lorine Niedecker: Collected Works by Matthea Harvey

Penberthy’s collection of the poetry of Lorine Niedecker draws reviewer Matthea Harvey’s attention to the discourses these poems establish with poetic movements, such as the Objectivists, and particular historical figures, such as Emaneul Swedenborg.

Diane Williams’s Romancer Erector by Matthea Harvey

The short stories and eponymous novella in Diane Williams’s collection Romancer Erectorwork through defamiliarization, engaging by alienating the reader from everything from spinach to narrative structure.

Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Matthea Harvey
Chris Ware Body

Chris Ware develops a unique vision in his tragic comic book Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth through wide-ranging style and perspective.

Before Time Could Change Them: The Complete Poems of Constantine P. Cavafy by Matthea Harvey

Matthea Harvey reviews the recently translated works of the Greek poet Cavafy, considering the themes of history and impressionism.

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