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The Horse Thieves of Rockaway Beach by Mark Magill

Henry wanted me to help him get rid of a hand. It wasn’t just a hand. That’s what he said at first, but Henry never gives you the whole story right up front. It was a whole cellar full of parts. 

Vik Muniz by Mark Magill
Muniz01 Body

“I find that it’s not enough of a mission when art is supposed to be about one thing or another because to be art, to begin with, it should be about everything at once. It should present a kind of all-encompassing world.”

Zhang Yimou’s Not One Less by Mark Magill
Zhang Yimou

Centered around a 13-year-old substitute teacher in a remote and impoverished rural village, Not One Less delivers an important lesson in worth.

Tom Butter by Mark Magill
Magill Butter Body
Danny Hoch’s Jails, Hospitals, and Hip Hop by Mark Magill
64 Danny Hoch Homepage

Danny Hoch hauled his one-man entourage to the room upstairs at PS122 for a solo performance of Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop.

Victor Garber and Alfred Molina by Mark Magill
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Who has a better sense of irony and humor, English or American actors? Victor Garber and Alfred Molina give us an inside view of Yasmina Reza’s play Art and compare notes on how two guys from either side of the Atlantic pursue art in the theater.

Matt Damon: Good Will Hunting by Mark Magill
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Damon and Affleck star in the film together with Robin Williams and Minnie Driver, with Damon giving a first-rate performance in the title role of Will, an exceedingly bright and troubled guy from the wrong side of the tracks, the tracks in this case being Boston’s South Side.

The Wooster Group by Mark Magill
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It is a strange fact of nature that the most violent forms of weather—hurricanes and tornadoes—have at their heart a calm, still center. That center is only evident because of the contrasting fury that surrounds it. Otherwise, it’s just another pleasant, sunny day.

On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine by Mark Magill & Jill Godmilow

In 1907 Pablo Picasso painted what is now a very well known portrait of Gertrude Stein. 

Kathy Acker by Mark Magill
Acker 01

In an unorthodox interview with TV writer and producer Mark Magill, novelist and feminist critic Kathy Acker talks about marriage, sex, God, the Thirteenth Amendment, and baseball.

Rockets Redglare by Mark Magill
Redglare 01

Rockets is a stand-up comedian. I first met him in his capacity as the genial host, maître ‘d and sergeant-at-arms at the Red Bar on Manhattan’s upwardly mobile Lower East Side.

Two Videotapes by Mark Magill
Mark Magill

A scientific comedy about helium, buoyancy, nuclear fusion, and lighter than air travel.

Polaroids by Mark Magill
Polaroids by Mark Magill
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Four photographs, titled Polaroids, by Mark Magill.

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