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Looking Back on 2017: Film & Television
Looking Back 2017 Film

Featuring selections by Jaime Manrique, David Grubbs, Molly Surno, Lynn Melnick, Lucio Pozzi, and more.

The Inventory Game (Art Without Fear or Theme) by Lucio Pozzi
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Lucio Pozzi discusses his multifaceted, multifarious solution to the problems of orthodoxies and rules that limit the artistic process.

Michael Goldberg: In Memoriam, December 24, 1924–December 30, 2007 by Klaus Kertess, Lucio Pozzi, Ellen Phelan, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Betsy Sussler, Luke Matthiessen & Gerald Jay Goldberg
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Michael Goldberg was our hero. Larger than life, he sauntered up to the plate and took on the mantle as our all-American myth because we needed a hero.

Abby Goldstein by Lucio Pozzi

Fragile antennae of a delicate insect in a grassy field, the flashlight beam of a boy lost in the forest after dark, the frantic grooves left by a motorcycle on the flats of a salt lake, spirals of thought from a Zen monk’s meditation—all are traces of wandering.

Harry Bellefield by Lucio Pozzi

This First Proof contains the story “Harry Bellefield.”

Painting to Order by Lucio Pozzi
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Instructions and agreement for an advertised painting to order by Lucio Pozzi.

Two Works by Lucio Pozzi
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Two ink on paper works, titled The Loss of a Planet and Untitled, by Lucio Pozzi.

Untitled Photograph by Lucio Pozzi
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Untitled Drawing by Lucio Pozzi

Watercolor by Lucio Pozzi.

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