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Ross Lipman’s Notfilm by Liza Béar
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Accurately described as a kino-essay by its maker, Notfilm is about Samuel Beckett’s Film, starring Buster Keaton, which Lipman restored digitally from the 1964 original.

Nabil Ayouch by Liza Béar
Ayouch Bomb 06

“There’s rampant hypocrisy in this society—a hypocrisy verging on schizophrenia.”

Chaitanya Tamhane by Liza Béar
Chaitanya Tamhane 1

“It’s a different kind of terror when you’re constantly being arrested. Your mind starts exercising self-censorship on its own.”

Thomas Lilti by Liza Béar
Thomas Lilti 01

As both physician and filmmaker, Lilti discusses his recent hospital drama and the challenges of medical and artistic practice.

Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne by Liza Béar
Dardenne Brothers 01

The master filmmakers on blending the political and the personal in their new film.

Mathieu Amalric by Liza Béar
Mathieu Amalric 1

The Blue Room, Simenon, and non-linear narrative.

Hilla Medalia and Shosh Shlam by Liza Béar

The two filmmakers on their new documentary, Web Junkie, about rehabbing the addicted youth of China.

Nadav Lapid by Liza Béar

Ritualistic contradictions, moral complexity, and minimalism shed light on issues of inequality in Policeman.

François Ozon by Liza Béar
Rama Burshtein’s Fill the Void by Liza Béar
Burshtein1000 Body

It’s a rare delight when a film makes a little-known, hermetic community that is bristling with traditions, customs, rules, and regulations come alive, transcending that subculture through its humanity.

Sam Fleischner by Liza Béar

Sam Fleischner discusses the dramatic process of completing his new film Stand Clear of the Closing Doors.

Cristian Mungiu by Guy Gallo
Mungiu 3 L Body

Romanian auteur Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills, which fuses naturalism with the escalating dramatic tension between two young women, won awards for best screenplay and best actress at Cannes.

Serkan Ozkaya’s David Double Arrives by Liza Béar

Liza Béar talks to Turkish artist Serkan Ozkaya about his monumental David Double.

Miquel Barceló’s Gran Elefandret by Liza Béar

Liza Béar talks to Miquel Barceló about his 26-foot bronze sculpture, Gran Elefandret, which was recently unveiled in New York’s Union Square.

5 Broken Cameras by Liza Béar

Liza Béar sits down with Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, whose documentary tells of the building of a separation barrier on the West Bank.

Turn Me On, Goddammit by Liza Béar

Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, writer and director of Turn me on goddammit, recently won Tribeca’s Best Screenplay award. BOMB co-founder Liza Béar sits down with Jacobsen and her leading lady, Helene Bergsholm.

Kivu Ruhorahoza by Liza Béar

Kivu Ruhorahoza’s Grey Matter is the first feature film made by a Rwandan in Rwanda and won a Special Jury Mention at the Tribeca Film festival. Watch Liza Béar’s video interview with the filmmaker.

Park Jung-bum by Liza Béar

Park Jung-bum’s debut feature The Journals of Musan won the Best New Narrative Director Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. Watch Liza Béar’s video interview with the filmmaker.

Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist: The Two Escobars by Liza Béar

In the documentary Two Escobars, directors Jeff and Michael Zimbalist unravel the events leading to the murders of soccer captain Andres Escobar and drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Liz Cohen: Trabantimino by Liza Béar

Trabantimino, eight years in the making and completed just one hour before its October 7th opening at Salon 94, displays bravura mechanics, a whiff of nostalgia and a sense of humor. Liz Cohen took to task three aspects of car culture: ownership, fabrication and marketing.

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