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Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club by Linda Yablonsky
​Chuck Palahniuk

The narrator of this hypnotic, harrowing, bitterly comic first novel thinks he’s a tough guy.

James Purdy’s Gertrude of Stony Island Avenue by Linda Yablonsky
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Amy Adler by Linda Yablonsky
64 Adler 01

Amy Adler’s seamless mesh of the conceptual and the personal—intricate, photo-based figure drawing combined with the latest in computer-manipulated photography—has cut her a whole new groove in self-portraiture. 

Linda Yablonsky’s The Story of Junk by Lynne Tillman
Yablonsky 1

Addiction, to drugs, food, love, TV, alcohol, sex, gambling, is the American narrative theme of the late-20th century.

Mac Wellman by Linda Yablonsky
Wellman 02 Body

Mac Wellman has written forty plays in twenty years. He speaks with Linda Yablonsky about his past work (“Bad Penny was the best thing I ever did”) and his adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphosis, set in Florida.

Knock Knock by Linda Yablonsky

Knock Knock.

Sadie Benning by Linda Yablonsky
Benning 01 Body

“I don’t see my images on TV. That means I’m not valuable. That means my sexuality doesn’t sell beer.”

Reno by Linda Yablonsky
Reno 01 Body
Elizabeth LeCompte by Linda Yablonsky
Lecompte 1 Body
Luisa Valenzuela by Linda Yablonsky
Valenzuela 01 Body

“I need some element of hedonistic surprise—that’s a little perverse—to fool myself, to surprise myself, and yet, at the same time, I need to maintain control.”

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