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Notes from the Editors: September 11 by Glenn O'Brien, Leslie Dick, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Craig Lucas, Deborah Eisenberg, Betsy Sussler, Silvana Paternostro, Mary Morris, Alison Summers & Jack Stephens

Everyone in New York has cried a wall of tears since it happened.

Vocabulary fades, ghostlike … by Leslie Dick

What do we call what happened? 

Repetition by Leslie Dick


My stepfather’s golden pencil was a present from his mistress. 

Separations by Leslie Dick

1. Wishful Thinking

Dream Sequence by Leslie Dick

Then Connie had a nightmare, a dream that turned into a nightmare.

Two Stories by Leslie Dick
​Paul Benney

Knife Story

For Christmas, my father gave me a set of four knifes. 

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