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Out of the Pines and into the Desert by Lena Valencia
Meeks cutoff

Kelly Reichardt teams up with writer Jon Raymond once again and plunges us into the dark side of the American dream, except the stakes in this story are considerably higher: it’s set on the Oregon Trail in 1845.

Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void by Lena Valencia
Enter The Void 01

Gaspar Noé’s new film is a psychedelic experience of Tokyo shown through the eyes of the deceased protagonist.

Bird Watching at the Guggenheim by Lena Valencia
Bird Watching 01

Sculptor Ian Schneller and champion whistler Andrew Bird joined forces on the Guggenheim’s rotunda in early August for the Dark Sounds concert series, performances that were conceived in conjunction with the Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance exhibition. In the spirit of Haunted, we went analog and shot the show on a 35mm camera.

PIXELBOMB hits Northside! by Lena Valencia & Elise Oh

BOMB’s very own Lena Valencia and music blogger PIXELHORSE (a.k.a Elise Oh) give you an instant-messaged tour of this year’s Northside Festival put on by L Magazine, complete with pictures and video. It’s easy. It’s virtual. And much, much less sweaty.

Genevieve Belleveau by Lena Valencia
Belleveau 1

One of the most difficult parts about moving to New York City is finding a community.

Never Breathe a Word: The Collected Stories of Caroline Blackwood by Lena Valencia
Caroline blackwood1

Lady Caroline Blackwood may be best remembered for her marriages to painter Lucian Freud and poet Robert Lowell, but it is her career as a writer and critic that deserves our attention. Counterpoint’s expertly curated collection of her short stories and essays re-introduce readers to her strange and biting wit.

Film Comment Selects: Like You Know It All by Lena Valencia
Likeyouknow1 Body

Hong Sang-soo turns the lens on himself (maybe) in Like You Know It All, an angst-ridden portrait of a critically acclaimed but otherwise little-known director’s trial and error love affairs, friendships, and mishaps.

Patti Smith Sam Shepard @ the 92nd Street Y by Lena Valencia
Smithshepard 1
Dean & Britta @ Southpaw, New Years Eve by Lena Valencia
Dean Britta 1

The two indie veterans graced Southpaw for an early show with their dreamy tunes and near-perfect bone structures on New Year’s Eve.

Police, Adjective by Lena Valencia
Police1 Body

We follow the dutiful, slouching cop Cristi (Dragos Bucur) through the crumbling, gray streets of Vaslui, Romania as he pursues a teenager suspected of dealing hash.

Ten More Years by Lena Valencia

The independent used bookstore Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers on Bedford between N.4th and N.5th, celebrates its 10th anniversary.

35 Shots of Rum by Lena Valencia
35Shotsofrum1 Body

Watching Claire Denis’s 35 Shots of Rum made me realize how difficult it is to write about familial love.

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh’s When Skateboards Will Be Free by Lena Valencia
Article 3573 Skateboards1

When a child is raised according to political doctrine, political decisions and personal habits become one and the same. 

BOMBedu Art School Confidential: A Conversation with Ariel Alter, UCLA Senior by Lena Valencia
Arielalter Lenavalencia Body
Two Tales Two Cities by Lena Valencia

Lena Valencia reviews Geoff Dyer’s Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi.

Kevin Wilson’s Tunneling to the Center of the Earth and Jon Raymond’s Livability by Lena Valencia
Kevin Wilson 01

Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, a debut collection of stories by Kevin Wilson, turns the genre of Southern fiction on its head.

Hari Kunzru and Porochista Khakpour at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop by Lena Valencia
Khakpour Kunzru Body

What was billed as a night of “laughter and thinking” actually was more nervous titters and revolutionary undertones as writers Hari Kunzru and Porochista Khakpour read some subtly inflammatory pieces from their most recent works.

Jeff Lewis at Pete’s Candy Store by Lena Valencia
​Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis’s self-referential anti-folk songs are lyrically dense, morbid, full of over-shares, and consistently clever without being pretentious.

Buzz Bands Swarm to Tribeca by Lena Valencia
Telepathe 01

Lena Valencia spends a music and beer fueled Saturday night at 92Y Tribeca.

Can’t Tell ‘Em Apart at All by Lena Valencia
Simon Warhol 01

The film Warhol:Denied follows Joe Simon’s attempts to get his Andy Warhol self-portrait authenticated, raising questions of authorship and the definition of Art.

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