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The Gentrification of Memory: Legacy Russell Interviewed by McKenzie Wark
Glitch Feminism 2

A feminist manifesto that centers artists as the engineers of a queer and Black imagined future.

The Gentrification of Memory: Legacy Russell Interviewed by McKenzie Wark
Glitch Feminism 2

A feminist manifesto that centers artists as the engineers of a queer and Black imagined future.

Fall Arts Preview
Bernadette Mayer Memory 01

Upcoming shows, retrospectives, and museum openings highlighted by Maika Pollack, Ratik Asokan, Alex Zafiris, Gideon Jacobs, Michael Barron, Wendy Vogel, Zack Hatfield, and Legacy Russell

Sara Cwynar by Ashley McNelis & Legacy Russell
Sara Cwynar 1

The origins of nostalgia and some theoretical foundations of photography.

Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich by Legacy Russell
257486761 11112015 Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich 01

Choreography, hip-hop, and cricket in New York.

A.K. Burns by Legacy Russell
AK Burns 01

A.K. Burns on the queer body, slipping between forms, American fetishes, and becoming a cyborg.

Faces of the Biennale by Legacy Russell & Bibi Deitz
61510009 Body

Legacy Russell and Bibi Deitz explore the Venice Biennale, interviewing and photographing the audience along the way.

Amy Adler by Legacy Russell
Julia Felsenthal portrait

Amy Adler on artist’s rights, the impact of conceptual art on law, and Texts from Hillary.

Oscar Murillo by Legacy Russell
Murillo 01

When I meet Oscar Murillo for the first time, it is in Central London. Murillo lives and works in East London.

Cecile Evans by Legacy Russell
Cecile 1 Body

Belgian-American artist Cécile B. Evans delights and enchants with her provocative media installations.

How To Live. Forever.: Richard Hart by Legacy Russell
The Future Reenacted Body

South Africa-based painter Richard Hart brings a recipe for immortality to the canvas with fresh perspectives on a globalized neo-primitivism.

Like the Hummingbird by Legacy Russell
Duchamp Body

Bellatrix Hubert talks with Legacy Russell about the state of the arts, not being a curator, and the buzz of her recent Hummingbird.

Eyal Weizman’s The Least of All Possible Evils by Legacy Russell
Weizman 1

It was Eyal Weizman’s collaboration with fellow architects and geopolitical theorists Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti that first caught my attention years ago and incited my enduring admiration.

TWITTER CHATTER: @DevinKKenny by Legacy Russell
Devin Kenny

Legacy Russell “Twinterviews” artist Devin Kenny about studio practice, studio work-outs, studio recordings, and how hip-hop helps to keep things in motion.

TWITTER CHATTER: @TheNewAnnHirsch by Legacy Russell
Tumblr Lyuf0Ytm0H1R26Gk9 Body

Legacy Russell interviews performance artist Ann Hirsch about being scandalous, scandylicious, and the radical politics of the packaged female form in the sex-saturated era of reality television and social media.

Artist, Occupied: Jason Lazarus by Legacy Russell
Jason Lazarus 1

Artist Jason Lazarus has his hands full—with GIFs, pics, and sign-sticks.

Draft Picks: Christopher Gideon & Elissa Goldstone by Legacy Russell
Firework Body

Artists Christopher Gideon and Elissa Goldstone live and work miles apart. Yet, they love the same game. The two sat down to discuss baseball and its role within the stadium of contemporary art.

DUMP.FM: Ryder Ripps & Glass Popcorn by Legacy Russell
Coverimagedump Body

Invented by Ryder Ripps, DUMP.FM is an online image-share platform with the rising reputation as one of the primary breeding grounds for young digital artists. One of them is Glass Popcorn. And he needs a date to the dance.

Expanded Benefits: Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and SOPHIE by Legacy Russell
New museum

Artist Matthew Lutz-Kinoy collaborated with producer SOPHIE and triple-threat Chelsea Culp at the New Museum in September. The result? Paint on the dance floor, and an inescapable harmony that you can’t help but whistle to.

Brave New World: Micki Pellerano at Envoy by Legacy Russell
Space Ritual

Micki Pellerano creates his own cosmos in his drawings. Legacy Russell takes a walking tour through the Lower East Side’s envoy enterprises and the mythical regions of an artist’s mind, beyond revelation.

TWITTER CHATTER: @ManBartlett by Legacy Russell

Legacy Russell interviews artist Man Bartlett about Occupy Wall Street, class and economy, and how Twitter just might be the next frontier for public sculpture.

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