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Kim Brandt by Lauren Bakst
Kim Brandt 1

Choreographer Kim Brandt strips away excess in her search for a “body of bodies.”

Kim Brandt by Lauren Bakst
Kim Brandt 1

Choreographer Kim Brandt strips away excess in her search for a “body of bodies.”

Lauren Bakst and Yuri Masnyj
Lauren Bakst Yuri Masnyj 01 Bomb 132

A conditional archive or A score
for the past and future of

Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek’s Kein Applaus Für Scheisse by Lauren Bakst
Holzinger Riebeck

I remember Florentina Holzinger’s first costume. It was an oversize, orange-dyed dress, a muumuu really. She was sitting in a chair center stage. A minute or so earlier, a high fan kick had revealed her lack of underwear. 

Scott Lyall and Maria Hassabi by Lauren Bakst

Choreographer Maria Hassabi and dramaturg Scott Lyall discuss the importance of space and boundaries in designing their newest dance work Premiere.

Jillian Peña by Lauren Bakst

Jillian Peña on the fantasy of ballet, queer temporality, and doubling in her new performance Polly Pocket.

En Atendant and Cesena by Lauren Bakst
​Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker

I’m sitting in the BAM Opera House among the rustling of bodies settling into their seats when the lights suddenly cut out.

Rites of Spring by Lauren Bakst
Nora Chipaumire

Two recent interpretations of The Rite of Spring challenge the audience in new ways.

Nature Theater of Oklahoma by Lauren Bakst
Life & Times

Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska of Nature Theater of Oklahoma on their series Life & Times, new episodes of which will be presented this September by FIAF as a part of its Crossing the Line festival.

… Too Freedom … by Lauren Bakst
Truscott 02 Body

Adrienne Truscott’s … Too Freedom …, performed at The Kitchen this last December, is a multilayered meditation on social (inter)action. 

Virtuosic Ass by Lauren Bakst
Auntsthunderdome Body

Gillian Walsh discusses her dance series Grinding and Equations, the art of ass tyranny, and the mystery of the “Monica Lewinsky moment.

Nora Chipaumire by Lauren Bakst
Nora4 Antoinetempe Body

Word Choice features original works of fiction and poetry. Read “Development,” a short story by Matthew Pitt, selected by Fiction Editor Rosie Parker.

Meg Stuart and Damaged Good’s BLESSED by Lauren Bakst

Stuart’s dance piece BLESSED offers a mediation on what happens when the world around us falls apart, and the state of falling apart is the only thing to rely on.

When We Eat The Way We Do It: Jen Rosenblit’s Last Supper at Bodega by Lauren Bakst

Take a road trip to Philly’s Bodega gallery with a podcast of a performative lecture by—and interview with—choreographer Jen Rosenblit.

Studio Visit: Bjorn Copeland

Watch a BOMB Extra Video with artist Bjorn Copeland, whose band Black Dice has a new album, Mr. Impossible, out now.

Performance in Process: Jen Rosenblit by Lauren Bakst

Lauren Bakst visits Jen Rosenblit’s rehearsal to spend some time watching and discussing her latest project, In Mouth.

Martha Wilson: The Liminal Trickster by Lauren Bakst
After Body

Martha Wilson’s solo exhibition, I have become my own worst fear, is up at P.P.O.W. gallery through October 8th. Lauren Bakst delves into the many faces of Martha Wilson, examining their relationships to the passing of time, the embodiment of aging, and the intertwining of the personal and political.

Karen Finley Makes Love to New York by Lauren Bakst
Finley Make Love1 Body

Lauren Bakst reviews performance artist Karen Finley’s Make Love, a post 9/11 cabaret show inspired by the iconic image of Liza Minnelli, but most of all, by New York.

John Jasperse’s Canyon by Lauren Bakst
Canyon 2

“It feels to me like the difficulty of the conversation is actually the difficulty of the piece.” Lauren Bakst talks with choreographer John Jasperse about his forthcoming work Canyon.

Beth Gill and Electric Midwife by Lauren Bakst
Electric Midwife 1

Lauren Bakst talks with choreographer Beth Gill and the six women who perform in her latest work,Electric Midwife, about the perceptual possibilities of doubling and the depths of understanding sameness and difference.

Choreographer Arkadi Zaides talks Quiet by Lauren Bakst
Arkadi1 Body

Arkadi Zaides’s work lives deeply within the embodied landscape of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Lauren Bakst talks with him about the process of his most recent piece, Quiet, after its premiere in New York at La MaMa Experimental Theater.

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