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Klaus Kertess (1940–2016)
Klaus Kertess Portrait Bomb 01

What I loved most about Klaus was his old-world elegance. 

Zig Zag: A Memoir by Klaus Kertess

You may have heard the sad news that John Chamberlain passed away last Wednesday morning. 

Klaus Kertess’s South Brooklyn Casket Company by Betsy Sussler
​Klaus Kertess

There is a lushness to Kertess’s prose, a soft belly that belies its toughness.

Footnotes by Klaus Kertess

1) Pindar, 12th Pythian Ode (ca 490 BC). The specific flute Athena is credited with inventing, here, is called the Phrygian flute; it is a double flute thought to have been formed by her out of stag’s bones or horns.

South Brooklyn Casket Company by Klaus Kertess
​Kiki Smith 1

He was sitting in the steam room of the gym; he had one left finger up the ass of the guy next to him. No, two fingers. 

Short End by Klaus Kertess

The letters looped lackadaisically, loosely tumbling into and out of configurations of words, some times legibly, some times not. 

Untitled by Klaus Kertess

Maybe this time he would find it. Then he could be through.

Another Winter by Klaus Kertess

Daily the city became more difficult to imagine. 

Black Rainbow by Klaus Kertess
Michael Young

Had he seen it, or was it merely a smear on the windows momentarily claiming form?

Naming Names by Klaus Kertess

When his father died, he became more capable of controlling his name.

Peter and the Pen  by Klaus Kertess
April Gornik

He was at a crowded airport, in July of the year 1970.

Air Male by Klaus Kertess

Dream. Dream. Dream machine. Air plane. Vector of suspended animation. Planes. Plane images. Transport of the paradise present.

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