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From “Without Looking” (After Magritte) by Kimiko Hahn

He holds a lantern at the end of her
driveway. I wouldn’t say lost so much as
condemned and disoriented.

Three Poems by Kimiko Hahn

Big Feathered Hats

worn by women a century ago

Laurie Sheck’s A Monster’s Notes by Kimiko Hahn
Sheck A Monster's Notes

Since Victor Frankenstein first conjured the monster that assumed his surname in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, his harrowing creation has assumed countless incarnations.

Opening Her Text by Kimiko Hahn

I nestle with my daughter in her bed in the room painted pink nearly a dozen years ago; half the pink now covered with magazine clippings of this or that star, male and female. Her reading light spots a book in my hands.

Kimiko Hahn’s Mosquito and Ant by Erika Biddle
Hahn 1 Body

In Kimiko Hahn’s latest collection of poems, Mosquito and Ant, she entreats us to follow her through a labyrinthine self-analysis. 

Crossing Her Mind by Kimiko Hahn

I advise a promising student not to settle for flower when hibiscus is more precise.

Sigrid Nunez by Kimiko Hahn
Nunez 01 Body

Sigrid Nunez and Kimiko Hahn reflect upon Nunez’s novel A Feather on the Breath of God, discussing the concepts of woman as storyteller, and writing as crochet.

The Hemisphere: Kuchuk Hanem by Kimiko Hahn

I am four. It is a summer midafternoon, my nap finished. I cannot find her. I hear the water in the bathroom. Not from the faucet but occasional splashes. I hear something like the bar of soap fall in. I cannot find her.

Seizure by Kimiko Hahn

In Nicaragua / old women / mobilize with sticks and boiling water / again.

Two Poems by Kimiko Hahn
Gwenn Thomas 001

The seam was gray as a recollection— / I mean, as that recollection / (even in my motel room)

Strands by Kimiko Hahn

The key warmed in your hand
and you knew the password

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