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Avant Garde Without Borders: Inventing Abstraction at MoMA by Kevin Kinsella
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Back-dated art works, Picasso’s frustration, and the transnational creation myths of Abstract art.

For the Birds by Kevin Kinsella
Slavs and Tatars 1

In Beyonsense, Eurasian artist collective Slavs and Tatars channels its inner Zaum in a celebration of the twists of language across cultures, histories, and geographies.

Randomly Determined by Kevin Kinsella
​Maximus Clarke 01

Kevin Kinsella discusses the current exhibition on view at the Radiator Gallery, This Is How My Brain Works, which offers a keen curatorial selection of collage art by various artists.

Drawing on Dovlatov by Kevin Kinsella
Florensky Ours Body

In 1993, Alexander Floresnky, founder of the infamous Russian underground art group Mitki, nearly turned down the opportunity to illustrate the collected works of the great Russian humorist Sergei Dovlatov—thankfully, he did not.

Progressive Political Pornography: Octobriana and the Russian Underground Turn 40 by Kevin Kinsella
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Un/Official: The Study of Kabakov at Edelman Arts by Kevin Kinsella
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Kevin Kinsella on the dark tensions within Ilya Kabakov’s work—and the political implications of the artist’s apolitical approach.

The People Who Got into Trouble: Boris Mikhailov’s Case History at MOMA by Kevin Kinsella
Boris Mikhailov 1

“It is a disgraceful world, populated by some creatures that were once humans, but now these living beings are degraded, ghastly, appalling.” Kevin Kinsella discusses the photography exhibition, Boris Mikhailov: Case Study, which runs at MoMa until September fifth.

Painted into a (Beautiful) Corner: Malevich at the Gagosian by Kevin Kinsella
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Kevin Kinsella takes issue with the Gagosian Gallery’s framing, both literal and figurative, of Russian Supremacist Kazimir Malevich.

Square Pegs by Kevin Kinsella
Quadrature Cercle 02 Body

Bomb blog contributor Kevin Kinsella reviews Squaring The Circle: Winners of the Debut Prize, a new anthology of Russian writers which highlights ten years of winners of the Russian Debut Prize for Fiction by writers under the age of twenty-five.

On the New Russian Realism by Kevin Kinsella
Rasskazy1 Body

Few countries have undergone more radical transformations than Russia has, so it’s easy to assume that with each geopolitical quake the country’s cultural continuity gets split along the resulting fault lines.

Big Faces: The Cool Kids of the Russian Avant Garde by Kevin Kinsella

Throughout the early 1920s, Aleksandr Rodchenko took many photographs of his friends and colleagues. Some were snapshots, others author photos for book covers, and still others would be used in his propaganda collages for the Russian Telegraph Agency.

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