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Laurie Simmons’s My Art by Judith Hudson
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Taking cinema’s portrayal of artists personally

Mika Rottenberg by Judith Hudson
​Mika Rottenberg 1

Artist Rottenberg builds mini-factories for her video sets, where fetish workers produce elemental products such as lemon-scented sweat and maraschino cherries. Her work is up at Mary Boone through 12/18.

Portfolio by Judith Hudson
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Jane Kaplowitz by Judith Hudson
65 Jane Kaplowitz Body
Sarah Sze by Judith Hudson
63 Sarah Sze 1

Sarah Sze pulled back the skin of a wall at PS1 and ripped out its guts. She created a pulsing, dripping universe precariously holding onto life like a dissected frog. 

Two Drawings by Judith Hudson
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