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Antoine Catala and Dan Graham
A4 A5388

The two artists discuss pleasure and participatory viewership in their work, and how each is linked to opposing qualities of discomfort and alienation.

Aura Rosenberg by John Miller
Untitled  Man Over Malibu  Body

Aura Rosenberg—whose “The Golden Age” harkens back to the politics of appropriation of her earlier work—discusses her use of pornography with husband John Miller.

John Miller by Liam Gillick
Miller 1

John Miller and Liam Gillick talk about repurposing painting, conceptualism, and reality TV.

Nicolás Guagnini by John Miller
Guagnini 02

John Miller on how Nicolás Guagnini’s photography explores the repression and monotony implicit in everyday life.

Mike Kelley by John Miller
Mike Kelley 01

“Perhaps because people have a short attention span you can get away with illogical developments if you make them unfold over a long period of time. People will assume that it is logical because they can’t remember what happened before.”

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