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Dance of the Self: On John Haskell’s The Complete Ballet by Will Harrison
Nijinsky Illustration

Noir, Balanchine, and an escape from the conventional novel.

Suzanne Bocanegra by John Haskell
Bocanegra 01

By casting actors to perform as herself, Bocanegra considers “the nature of presentation itself.” Lili Taylor stars in her Farmhouse/Whorehouse at BAM’s Next Wave Festival this December.

Caroline Woolard by John Haskell
Woolard 01

Artists generally fall into two groups: the makers (of objects) and doers (of activities). They survive, more or less, on the largesse of the art world. 

David Shapiro by John Haskell
David Shapiro 3 Bomb Body

 David Shapiro, whose show Money Is No Object was on view at the Sue Scott Gallery this spring, has created a group of vellum scrolls on which he has placed the bills and receipts and ticket stubs he’s collected over the course of a year. 

Big Dance Theater by John Haskell
Bigdancetheater01 Body

“Dancing has the possibility of being a luminous, protean, and versatile element, and an element of the subconscious—if you get out of the way—and just dance.”

American Purgatorio by John Haskell

When I say that desire breeds hope, what I mean is that desire contains within itself the seed of its possible attainment.

Amy Cutler by John Haskell
Cutler 1

Part of our attraction to art is its ability to engage our imagination, and Amy Cutler’s highly detailed, yet carefully ambiguous portrayals of women do just that. 

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