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Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach by John Beeson
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John Beeson reports from Mönchengladbach on the Museum Abteiberg’s discerning approach to curation which is based on works’ autonomy and particular vibrations. This installment of “Sight Mapping” exports some valuable perspective on curation.

Art in Context by John Beeson
Rainer Ganahl 1

Since the late 1980s, Rainer Ganahl has frequently exhibited his work in solo and group shows around the world; he has been included in biennials from Moscow to Shanghai, has shown in the Arsenale in Venice and as a representative in the Austrian Pavilion, and recently has opened a series of solo exhibitions in museums around Europe. He speaks with John Beeson about context, form, and the benefits of biking.

Sight Mapping: Stephen Willats at Victoria Miro by John Beeson
Stephen Willats

Musician Carl Simmons recorded the album Honeysuckle Tendrals ten years ago, and it has just been released by Sacred Bones Records. Click through to read the interview and to hear three of Carl Simmons’s songs.

Sight Mapping: Bettina Lockemann. Kontactzonen at the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart by John Beeson
Bettina1 Body

Sight Mapping by John Beeson is a collection of essays and conversations offering insight into the nuances of the European art system.

Between Spaces by John Beeson
Heather Rowe

Acting as a signpost for a new exhibition at PS1, “Green Desert” by Heather Rowe sensitizes visitors to visual textures, literal referents, and artistic nuance, keys to experiencing much of the work that has been brought together.

Lothar Osterburg at Lesley Heller Gallery by John Beeson
Osterburg 1

At a first glance, Lothar Osterburg’s photographic works can be visually disorienting given the textural presence of their surfaces. This is because these are photogravures, prints—that is, works on paper—rather than photographs.

Carter at Salon 94 Freemans by John Beeson
Carter 1
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