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Looking Back on 2017: Music
Looking Back 2017 Music

Featuring selections by Jem Cohen, Keith Connolly, Britton Powell, Alan Courtis, Byron Westbrook, and more.

From Shot-Blue by Jesse Ruddock
264478653 01272017 Jesse Ruddock Bomb 2

She hated the narrow dirt mile between their trailer and town. She wanted to erase it the same way she might spit and rub a number off the back of her hand. 

Ohal by Jesse Ruddock
Ohal Bomb 02

“It’s like bouncing ideas back and forth with a friend, but the friend is you.”

Eka Kurniawan by Jesse Ruddock
Eka Kurniawan Bomb 3

“The writer’s task is to recognize when he or she has to stop, what to abandon, when to depart.”

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