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The Book of John by Jenifer Berman

This First Proof contains an excerpt from “The Book of John.”

The Book of John by Jenifer Berman

This First Proof contains an excerpt from “The Book of John.”

Tony Arefin by Jenifer Berman
73 Arefin 1 Body

The first time I met Tony Arefin he was gesticulating wildly, his arms swirling like dried leaves in the wind. 

Aleksandar Hemon by Jenifer Berman
Hemon01 Body

Set in and around his native Sarajevo, Aleksandar Hemon’s stories struggle with a world abruptly changing, and his characters.

Mark Jude Poirier’s Naked Pueblo by Jenifer Berman

Mark Jude Poirier arrives, kicking up the desert dirt like a pickup spinning donuts on a dehydrated lawn. 

Walter Salles’s Central Station by Jenifer Berman
66 Walter Salles Body

Winner of numerous festival awards, including this year’s Sundance World Premiere and the Berlin Festival’s Ecumenical Prize, Walter Salles’s Central Station is set in the director’s native Brazil. 

David Gates’s Preston Falls by Jenifer Berman
​David Gates

It’s hard to like Doug Willis, the slightly smug, spoiled, and self-deprecating narrator of David Gates’s second novel, Preston Fall

Bonnie Collura by Jenifer Berman
63 Bonnie Collura

Painted sleek and smooth, almost candy-coated in their plastic finish, Bonnie Collura’s sculptures long to be touched. They tempt, like a shiny red apple. 

Errol Morris’s Fast Cheap and Out of Control by Jenifer Berman
Morris 1 Body

Referred to by its filmmaker as the “ultimate low-concept movie, a movie without a one sentence description,” Fast, Cheap & Out of Control interweaves the stories of four men seemingly obsessed by animals…

Tibor Fischer’s The Collector Collector by Jenifer Berman
​Tibor Fischer

A storytelling bowl with the selective ability to change size and shape, to grow eight feet high, to repair itself when shattered, to save its unlucky possessor from harm’s way. 

Robert Antoni’s Blessed is the Fruit by Jenifer Berman
Antoni 1

One part quinine; another obeah magic; finally, scissors.

Don Gast’s When We Were Kings by Jenifer Berman
Gast 1

Twenty-three years and multiple producers later, Gast finally edited his 300,000 feet of film into a taut and stirring 90 minutes, attesting as much to his own tenacity and perseverance as his star’s.

Matthew Ritchie by Jenifer Berman
Ritchie 01 Body

Artist Matthew Ritchie’s “project”—his paintings, sculptures and website—fuses myth, science and a host of funny-headed characters into a brave, new interactive world.

Irvine Welsh by Jenifer Berman
Welsh 07 Body

Irvine Welsh has been coined as the acid house badboy of Scotland. He also happens to write like a sonovabitch, a term he’d appreciate. Writer Jenifer Berman and Welsh discuss class allegiance, class betrayal, and “trainspotting” among the muckers.

Patricia Spears Jones by Jenifer Berman

Jenifer Berman and poet Patricia Spears Jones (who was just awarded the Oscar Williams-Gene Derwood Award of the New York Community Trusttalk) about the various facets of Jones’s writing and her views on religion, race and privacy.

Ariel Dorfman by Jenifer Berman
Dorfman 01 Body

Writer Ariel Dorfman addresses his pan-American past, the threshold of insanity, and the literary stakes of exile.

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