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The Company She Keeps by Jane Dickson
Annearnoldloisdodd Body

Sculptor Judith Shea curates an archive of self-portraits by women members at the National Academy Museum.

Beautiful Big Blue Beast by Jane Dickson
May Carlson 1

Mary Carlson takes inspiration from religious iconography, demons, and snakes in her latest exhibition, Beautiful Beast.

Arlene Shechet by Jane Dickson
Arlene Shechet Sculpture In Studio

How does the formless become form? Jane Dickson speaks with the sculptor Arlene Shechet on the eve of her one-woman exhibit at Jack Shainman Gallery—about time and the Buddhist precept of paying attention.

Xmas: Artificial Surface Displays Real Feeling by Mary-Ann Monforton
Jane Dickson 1

Mary-Ann Monforton on Jane DIckson’s show Night Driving at Marlborough Gallery

Liz Larner by Jane Dickson
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“Art encompasses philosophy, psychology, humor, politics, physics—a way of being able to talk about anything, while at the same time involving this thrill of perception.” Liz Larner

Jane Dickson by Sylvère Lotringer
Jane Dickson 01

Dickson’s paintings documented the isolation and the life of Times Square pre-vamp. She and Sylvère Lotringer discuss the suburbs, demolition derby and becoming American.

Charge II by Jane Dickson
Jane Dickson Bomb 024

Painting by Jane Dickson.

Terminal Bar by Jane Dickson
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