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Looking Back on 2017: Film & Television
Looking Back 2017 Film

Featuring selections by Jaime Manrique, David Grubbs, Molly Surno, Lynn Melnick, Lucio Pozzi, and more.

Looking Back on 2016: Art & Film
Looking Back 2016 Art Film Bomb 1

Selections by Lucas Blalock, Carmen Boullosa, Liz Collins, Ricky D’Ambrose, Andrew Durbin, Scott Esposito, Jen George, Brent Green, Carlos A. Gutiérrez, Karl Holmqvist, Roberto Juarez, Baseera Khan, Jaime Manrique, Isaac Pool, Marina Rosenfeld, Frederic Tuten, Wendy Vogel, and Alex Zafiris.

Cervantes Street by Jaime Manrique
How to Escape from a Leper Colony by Jaime Manrique
Article 3551  How To  Escape From A 15054 1

The crucible of the Caribbean islands, where Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Jews coexist, is the primary setting of Tiphanie Yanique’s triumphant debut collection. 

Harold Schecter’s The Devil’s Gentleman by Jaime Manrique
Harold Schechter

Harold Schechter’s latest nonfiction work is an elegantly written true-crime story, rich in themes and vibrant details. 

Our Lives Are the Rivers by Jaime Manrique

It was the dry season in the Cordillera. At this time of year the Falls of Tequendama broke into mere threads of water, but rain had fallen over the savanna late in the afternoon the day before, a sudden, violent pelting of heavy raindrops, and today the Bogotá River was swollen, furious

Lydia Cabrera’s Afro-Cuban Tales by Jaime Manrique

The stories the Cuban writer and ethnographer Lydia Cabrera collected in the legendary Afro-Cuban Tales take place “back in the days when animals could speak, when they were all good friends and when men and animals got along fine.”

In Memoriam: Reinaldo Arenas by Jaime Manrique

In the early hours of December 7, 1990, in his Hell’s Kitchen apartment in New York, the exiled Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas committed suicide.

Nicholas Christopher’s Franklin Flyer by Jaime Manrique
Christopher 1 Body

Reviewer Jaime Manrique uncovers the influence of Borges, Greene, Doctorow, and Stevenson in the storytelling powers of Nicholas Christopher’s Franklin Flyer.

Laura Restrepo by Jaime Manrique
Restrepo 01 Body

I had never conducted an interview via e-mail before my conversation with the Colombian author Laura Restrepo; therefore, I wasn’t prepared to get answers that had the quality of polished writing. 

Eduardo Galeano by Jaime Manrique
Galeano 02 Body

My mind reeling after reading Eduard Galeano’s new volume Upside Down, I prepared a questionnaire of 23 topics that I wanted to discuss with him. Nervous to be interviewing a man whose audacious thinking dazzles like fireworks, I went to meet the Uruguayan author at the hotel where he was staying during his recent visit to Manhattan.

Richard Jacoby’s Conversations with the Capeman by Jaime Manrique
Two Poems by María Mercedes Carranza

I will pursue you for centuries upon centuries.

I will dig under every rock and stone And scan every horizon for your shadow.

Susana Baca by Jaime Manrique
144803627 02122015 Susana Baca 01 Bomb 070

“The amount of songs and music lost in Peru is incredible. An old musician dies and his tradition dies with him. The worst part is that the youth don’t know about it.”

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