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Neighbor by Jacki Ochs

In September, 1987, I asked two poets, Lyn Hejinian, from the United States and Arkadii Dragomoschenko, from the Soviet Union, to begin an unusual correspondence. 

Leningrad by Jacki Ochs & Lyn Hejinian
Boris Smelov

We took a walk, bus ride, walk, bus ride, walk to an apartment in the middle of Leningrad, up many flights of stairs—no speaking, so the neighbors would not hear a foreign language as we passed their doors.

Three Photographs by Jacki Ochs
​Jacki Ochs 01
Caribe Festival by Jacki Ochs
5 Jacki Ochs Body
Jacki Ochs’s The Secret Agent by Betsy Sussler
Ochs 1

The Secret Agent is a feature length documentary investigating the effects and implications of the use of the chemical defoliant Agent Orange used in Vietnam between the years 1964 and 1971.

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