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dunjaluče by Ian Dreiblatt

I hope you got some cool mountain air tonight / glamping with you is better even than sharing a coke

One Poem by Ian Dreiblatt
Vladimir Luppian Bomb 1

and to the republic / cartwheel grimace / skitting filmily across / a sea of culpabilities

P. Inman’s Written: 1976–2013 by Ian Dreiblatt
P Inman

Inman is a realist of language’s tendency to become material: his poems exemplify the ways in which writing both preserves and interrupts language, and how it fluctuates in an ambivalent space between being a record of vanished speech and one of language’s living forms.

Four Poems by Ian Dreiblatt
Max Reyher

1961 . Malcolm X on TV but he looks hungry . / signal fades .

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