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John Johnson by Grady T. Turner

This is an unedited transcript of the conversation.

Coco Fusco’s The Bodies That Were Not Ours by Grady T. Turner
Coco Fusco 01

Contributing editor Coco Fusco’s second essay collection, The Bodies That Were Not Ours, demonstrates Fusco’s passion as an interviewer and interrogator of postcolonial legacies.

Maya Lin’s Boundaries by Grady T. Turner
Lin 1 Body
José Bedia by Grady T. Turner
Jose Bedia 1

José Bedia’s art is as fresh as wet graffiti and as ancient as cave paintings. 

 Raymond Pettibon by Grady T. Turner
Raymond Pettibon 01

Raymond Pettibon found his calling as an artist at about the same time punk hit Los Angeles in 1978.

Yayoi Kusama by Grady T. Turner
Kusama1 Body

Until her 1998 retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, artist Yayoi Kusama was one of the art world’s best kept secrets. Her infinity nets, phallic sculptures, and nude performances influenced Cornell, Oldenburg, and Warhol.

Shonagh Adelman by Grady T. Turner
Adelman 1 Body
Inka Essenhigh by Grady T. Turner
64 Inka Essenhigh Body

Inka Essenhigh paints ambiguous figures engaged in mortal battle for sexual supremacy.

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