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Glenn O’Brien’s Intelligence for Dummies by Jeremy Sigler
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A variety of texts by a writer who fancied himself a power broker.

Glenn O’Brien’s Intelligence for Dummies by Jeremy Sigler
Img 7550 Bw

A variety of texts by a writer who fancied himself a power broker.

New York Cut Up by Glenn O'Brien

And that’s when it happened. The fucking enemy shows up.

Notes from the Editors: September 11 by Glenn O'Brien, Leslie Dick, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Craig Lucas, Deborah Eisenberg, Betsy Sussler, Silvana Paternostro, Mary Morris, Alison Summers & Jack Stephens

Everyone in New York has cried a wall of tears since it happened.

David Johansen and the Harry Smiths by Glenn O'Brien
David Johansen

According to Glenn O’Brien, David Johnson and the Harry Smiths “brings to life biorhythms all too often filtered out by digital thinking and bad posture. This is the real deal…”

Four Poems by Glenn O'Brien
Cassandra Wilson by Glenn O'Brien
Wilson 01 Body

Cassandra Wilson’s sophisticated jazz riffs cover everyone from Hank Williams to Miles Davis to the Monkees. Poet and music wiz Glenn O’Brien steals a téte â téte with the chanteuse not long after a night club appearance at New York’s Blue Note.

Bill Evans  by Glenn O'Brien
Glenn O’Brien’s Soapbox, essays, diatribes, homilies and screeds by Betsy Sussler
​Glenn O'Brien

Glenn always felt that to truly understand politics one has to understand the makings of a good party: let loose and get down now and then.

John Lurie: Fishing with John by Glenn O'Brien
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John Lurie is sort of the art equivalent of a heptathlete. A heptathlete is, I think, someone who competes in seven different athletic events, either that or it’s someone who performs feats of strength with their liver. 

James Nares by Glenn O'Brien
​James Nares

James Nares played in a band or two, but today his improvisations are usually solos, and they take place on canvas or paper.

To Some of the Girls I’ve Ever Loved Before by Glenn O'Brien

BARBARA ANN. I went to a dance looking for romance. 

Subrealism by Glenn O'Brien

“Parody has become so real, we’re gonna stop doin’ parody.”

Spring Training by Glenn O'Brien
​Carlos Arias Vicuna 001

I could hear the old man wheezing as he rubbed me down.

Fah Lo Suee and Me by Glenn O'Brien
​Luigi Ontani 001

The daughter of Fu Manchu laid her hand on mine. 

Is It Hemingway Or Is It Memorex by Glenn O'Brien
Lucio Pozzi 01 Bomb 004

In much the same way that painting changed with the development of photography, writing has changed with the development of the tape recorder. 

Race in Space by Glenn O'Brien
Gleeno Brien

In 1835 the New York Sun achieved the greatest circulation of any newspaper in the world––the surge in readership being directly attributable to the story of the century, the existence of intelligent extra-terrestial life.

TV Party by Glenn O'Brien
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