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David Kapp by Georgia Marsh
Kapp 02 Body

“If somebody does a portrait, how do you get the aura or the feeling of the face? You don’t do every eyelash, right? That kind of attention to detail doesn’t really do it.”

Gary Stephan  by Georgia Marsh
Stephan 01 Body

Gary Stephan aims for a middle ground between “the joke” and “the big deal” with the template-like forms in his paintings.

David Deutsch by Georgia Marsh
Deutsch 04 Body

Georgia Marsh and David Deutsch discuss obsession, planetariums, and the elusive relationship between interior and exterior spaces in his work.

David Salle by Georgia Marsh
Salle 03 Body

David Salle and Georgia Marsh touch upon the lines drawn between pornography and eroticism, penetration and degradation, and the “tender gesture” of drawing.

Bacchus and Ariadne by Georgia Marsh
Bomb 11 Marsh 001 Body
Boy Blowing Bubbles by Jacques Teboul
​Gustav Klimt 001

Early in the morning, every day, for years, he has been drinking beer.

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Georgia Marsh

Gouache painting by Georgia Marsh.

Georgia Marsh by Betsy Sussler

Finding pleasure in the color and order of the grid, painter Georgia Marsh speaks with Betsy Sussler about art as a means of description and finding rhythm in the world around us.

Alienation and the Itinerary by Georgia Marsh
Alienation And The Itinerary Body
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