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Josephine Foster by Gary Canino
Foster Cover

“It’s not a very academic approach, it’s just a part of what I like to do.”

Josephine Foster by Gary Canino
Foster Cover

“It’s not a very academic approach, it’s just a part of what I like to do.”

Willie Thrasher by Gary Canino
Willie Thrasher 3

“I’m the kind of guy that’s trying to get people to work together and make the Earth green.”

Doug Hream Blunt by Gary Canino
Blunt Bomb 3

“When it came to music, I always saw myself playing a punching bag. That’s just what I do on the guitar.”

Cold Beat by Gary Canino
Cold Beat Bomb 1

“A big part of music for me has always been advocacy, and about having a space where people who feel marginalized by society can do things together.”

Blank Realm by Gary Canino
Blank Realm 1

Drummer and vocalist Daniel Spencer on Brisbane, studio recording, and motorsports.

Mac DeMarco by Gary Canino
Macdemarco 1

“When I’m home, I’m completely alone. I get the creative bug, and if I’m sitting here long enough not working on music, it drives me insane.”

Palmbomen by Gary Canino
Palmbomen 01

Musician Kai Hugo on conspiracy theorists, cassette tapes, and video confabulations.

Neil Michael Hagerty by Gary Canino
Neil Michael Hagerty 1

Faux reunion shows, B-sides, new-age garage music, and packing albums to the brim.

Jana Hunter by Gary Canino
Jana Hunter 1

Synths, nostalgia, and anti-artist capitalist ideology.

Frederick Michael St. Jude by Gary Canino
Frederick Michael St Jude 1

Reflecting on a lost, post-apocalyptic, maximalist masterpiece of a concept album.

The Go-Betweens by Gary Canino
Go Betweens 1

Songwriter Robert Forster on his group’s nearly flawless decade.

Ariel Pink by Gary Canino
Ariel Pink

Chaotic performances, live recordings, and Generation Tween.

Will Oldham by Gary Canino
Will Oldham

Performance, reinvention, and alternate realities.

The Fresh & Onlys by Gary Canino
​The Fresh & Onlys

The desert, dreams, and strange avian events in Paonia, Colorado.

Tim Heidecker by Gary Canino
Hw0121 Bynickweidner 1

Tim Heidecker discusses his second soft-rock album with Heidecker and Wood, his online beefs, and blurring the lines between his various public personae.

Mixtape: Angel Olsen by Gary Canino
Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen on writing a song in twenty minutes, playing with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and the difference between recording a 7 inch and an album.

Mixtape: Steve Gunn by Gary Canino
​Steve Gunn

On shy singing and meeting Ol’ Dirty Bastard in the parking lot of Grateful Dead show.

Mixtape: Andrew Cedermark by Gary Canino
Andrew Cedermark

Andrew Cedermark’s unique perspective on sauerkraut and writing lyrics for his forthcoming album Home Life

Deerhunter by Gary Canino

Deerhunter discusses automatic writing, Monomania, and setting the record straight on Connie Lungpin.

Jennifer Herrema by Gary Canino
Jennifer Trux In Cville Body

Jennifer Herrema weighs in on her art work, fake reunions, Black Bananas, and sweating the Fiscal Cliff—and the Meatloaf/Gary Busey fight.

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