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Piero by Gabriella De Ferrari

Where he grew up there were no museums, or art collections, or the possibility of being exposed to any form of art that was not reproduction. 

Don Ilario by Gabriella De Ferrari

When I was a young girl I passed by his house several times a day. 

William Forsythe by Gabriella De Ferrari
Forsythe01 Body

“There’s so much talk in America about families, and it’s a tragedy if it’s American families, but if it’s families in other countries, it’s not as tragic. Perhaps it’s compassion fatigue.” William Forsythe

A House by Gabriella De Ferrari

She rented the old house on an impulse. It was too big and too far away but she rented it anyway. The owners wanted to meet her.

Ben van Berkel by Gabriella De Ferrari
Vanberkel 01 Body

My first encounter with the architecture of Ben van Berkel’s UN Studio was a visit on an early gray morning to his Möbius House, tucked away in a wooded area not far from Amsterdam. 

Two Flowers: An Inca Tale by Gabriella De Ferrari
64 Ferrari Homepage

She was born to become one of the chosen ones, to belong to the great class of the Adlacunas. The High Priest selected them himself among the most beautiful girls born in the Inca Empire.

A Man of Small Volume by Gabriella De Ferrari

This First Proof contains the story “A Man of Small Volume” from Stories on Volume.

Saturnina by Gabriella De Ferrari

Saturnina came from a small village in the Andes called Tarata, a village so poor there was no electricity, no running water, not even a paved road to reach it. 

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