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Francine du Plessex Gray’s Madame de Staël: The First Modern Woman by Francine Prose
​Louise Vigee-Lebrun

Known for sparkling conversation, provocative novels and essays, and the fame and diversity of her lovers, Madame de Staël was, as Francine du Plessix Gray persuades us in her perceptive biography, “the first modern woman.”

Mark Strand’s New Selected Poems by Francine Prose
​Mark Strand

Some years ago, I was dismayed to learn that the words beauty and beautiful had become unfashionable, even suspect, in certain critical and academic circles.

A.M. Homes & Francine Prose

Award-winning authors A.M. Homes and Francine Prose discuss the overlap where memoirs, histories, and novels meet in this conversation presented by BOMB’s Editor-in-Chief Betsy Sussler.

Thomas Nozkowski by Francine Prose

“What is it like to make a painting?” inquires writer Francine Prose. An opaque question laid bare by painter Thomas Nozkowski, who lets us see the machinations of the mystery that can’t be solved.

Lydia Davis by Francine Prose
​Lydia Davis

The title of Lydia Davis’ story collection, Almost No Memory, belies the author’s capacity for nuance and detail. Fellow writer Francine Prose discusses the sensuality of structure and the perfection of shape.

Guided Tours of Hell by Francine Prose

This First Proof contains an excerpt from the novella Guided Tours of Hell.

Catherine Murphy by Francine Prose
Catherine Murphy 01 Bomb 053

Francine Prose, author of the novel Hunters and Gatherers, delves into realism and the real act of painting time with figurative painter Catherine Murphy.

Francine Prose by Deborah Eisenberg
​Francine Prose 1

Francine Prose and Deborah Eisenberg have a candid chat about the roles animals play in her fiction, among other things. Prose’s new novel, My New American Life is available now.

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