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Calexico by Fionn Meade
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John Convertino: “The burning sun day after day can be a brutal reality for anyone trying to hide. If you choose to live in the desert, things eventually come out into the open.”

Béla Tarr by Fionn Meade
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“This eternity stuff is definitely very important for me. The days are passing, time is running; we will die, everybody has just one life. That’s why it’s very important how this life is going. The quality of this life. We are not in the church, where people are told lies.”

Steve Roden by Fionn Meade
Steve Roden

To find latent hymns in an increasingly dilapidated modernist Italian office building or situate an original sound composition within so highly reverent a structure as a James Turrell Skyspace requires a combination of confidence and humility found only in play. 

Release and Capture by Fionn Meade
Highly Bred & Sweetly Tempered by Climax Golden Twins by Fionn Meade

Climax Golden Twins—actually a trio—has a considerable discography of well-hidden projects. 

Gustaf Sobin’s In Pursuit of a Vanishing Star by Fionn Meade, Victor Pelevin & Bela Tarr

In Pursuit of a Vanishing Star is constructed from stories within stories: a novel about a script of Greta Garbo’s first screenplay.

Adam Phillips’ Promises, Promises by Fionn Meade

Adam Phillips.

Far from the imperium of treatise and consulting room, we dabble in the contingent art of persuasion, the gathering together and trying out of a personal poetics.

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