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Readers Digestion by Emily Nonko
Readers Digestion by Emily Nonko
The Exquisite Corpse? by Emily Nonko
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In a photograph my image exists outside of my physical body but does my body still live in a photograph? When applied to the photography of dead bodies, specifically crime scene photography, these questions take an interesting turn.

Daniel Nester by Emily Nonko
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Daniel Nester is the kind of writer who looks at his book as an opportunity to be honest with you, and hopefully make you laugh. Which I did, while reading his latest book, How to Be Inappropriate, just out this past fall.

Love in Infant Monkeys by Lydia Millet by Emily Nonko
Lydia Millet 1

In Lydia Millet’s new short story collection, Love in Infant Monkeys, she treats animals as rock star characters, paralleling them with real-life celebrities to create stories both eccentric and, in unexpected ways, honest.

Stephen Elliott by Emily Nonko
​Stephen Elliott

The Adderall Diaries, a nonfiction work written by Stephen Elliott and out this month, is not a book about Adderall. And though Elliott’s intent was to focus on the murder trial of Hans Reiser. It really isn’t even a book about murder. While the trial lends The Adderall Diaries a focused storyline, the more intriguing parts focus on Elliott himself, as he attempts to piece together his past and his uncertain future.

The Regulars by Sarah Stolfa by Emily Nonko
The Regulars Book

Sarah Stolfa’s photography book challenges that comfort we have with photographs.

Making Good: Jonathon Keats by Emily Nonko
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Keats’ work creates an absurd world that may be uncomfortable to visit, but forces us to examine our own in an entirely new context. Emily Nonko puts the questions to the quester.

Michael Idov by Emily Nonko
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Michael Idov has accomplished three things I have, at some point in my life, wanted to do: he is a features writer at New York Magazine, he wrote a book, and he opened a coffee house on the Lower East Side. And while his café is no more, the book is loosely drawn from Michael’s own experience trying to make it work. (And nothing is really a failure if you’re able to draw a novel from it.)

“the death of literature,” or something: Brandon Scott Gorrell by Emily Nonko
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“I feel that publicizing yourself is on the internet is not necessary for success; a writer just has to have a relevant and unique voice that a large number of people can relate to.”

Shoplifting from Ann Beattie: An Interview with Tao Lin by Emily Nonko
Taolin Emilynonko Body

“I’ve never felt 1/10 as excited looking at a mountain as I do checking my email.”

Coney Island Performers Keep the Freakiness Alive by Emily Nonko
The Hungry March Band

Coney Island Circus Sideshow and Hungry March Band bring their crazy, freaky, fun performance to Manhattan.

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