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Rubén Ortiz-Torres by David Pagel
Ruben Ortiz Torres 01

Critic David Pagel describes the work of Rubén Ortiz-Torres as both “phantasmagoric and realistic.” Torres creates images that are overwrought, cliched and fantastic, which also reflect the sociology of border crossing—from both sides of the border.

Michael Reafsnyder by David Pagel
Reafsnyder 1

If you think that art and fun have too little to do with one another, you’ve probably never seen a painting by Michael Reafsnyder. 

Kurt Kauper by David Pagel
Kauper 1 Body

At a time when a lot of artists get a lot of attention for acting out rock ‘n’ roll fantasies (or pretending to live the lives of starry-eyed groupies), it’s refreshing to see a young artist fantasizing about opera divas—and then realizing these fantasies in lifesize paintings of imaginary prima donnas

Reverend Ethan Acres by David Pagel
​Reverend Ethan Acres

Good old-time religion and edgy, contemporary art make for odd bedfellows, but this unholy alliance thrives in the art and life of Reverend Ethan Acres.

Ingrid Calame by David Pagel
Calame 1

Sometimes it’s fun to listen to the sounds abstract paintings make in your imagination.

Jeffrey Vallance by David Pagel
Vallance04 Body

Jeffrey Vallance’s art has infiltrated the Vatican, the Debbie Reynolds Museum, the Liberace Museum and a Nautical Museum not far from the Arctic Circle. Writer David Pagel quizzes Vallance on the sacred and the profane.

Monique Prieto by David Pagel
Prieto 02

Truly a cyber-era artist, Monique Prieto’s bold, colorful abstract paintings are composed on the computer. Their emotive quality relies on the traditional triangle of the eye-hand-brain. BOMB contributing editor David Pagel finds out how it all connects.

Kim Dingle by David Pagel
Kim Dingle 01 Bomb 052

David Pagel attempts to crack the feminist, violent and “slightly off-kilter” world of Kim Dingle and her paintings and installations.

Lari Pittman by David Pagel
Lari Pittman Bomb 034

Painter Lari Pittman creates silhouetted scenes brimming with sexuality and nonsensicality—the folk art of a liberated past, channeled through the social realities of the present. Here, he discusses his envy of abstraction, and the horror of an empty bed.

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