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José Roberto Cea by Daniel Flores y Ascencio
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El Salvador’s foremost living poet reflects on a long career, from his involvement in revolutionary literary activities of the ’60s and ’70s to grappling with today’s political and educational crises.

Daniel Flores y Ascencio by Carlos B. Córdova
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In his latest film, Ama: The Memory of Time, Salvadoran poet and filmmaker Daniel Flores y Ascencio records the oral history of shaman Don Juan Ama, who witnessed the murder of his uncle, the leader of a 1932 indigenous revolt in El Salvador.

Bolivian Links: Indigenous Media by Daniel Flores y Ascencio
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Miguel León-Portilla and Earl Shorris’s In the Language of Kings by Daniel Flores y Ascencio

Miguel León-Portilla teamed up with Earl Shorris to assemble this magnum opus of Mesoamerican literature, and in this task they achieve nothing less than the human and divine.

Reservation X: The Power of Place by Daniel Flores y Ascencio
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A Feast of Words: Poetry from Meso-America and the American Southwest by Daniel Flores y Ascencio

One of the most fulfilling experiences in life is poetry. Writing is one, reading yet another, translating poetry a whole new experience in the appreciation of poetry and poetic language; that, we know

Claribel Alegría by Daniel Flores y Ascencio
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Claribel Alegría is one of the foremost poets of Central America. A supporter of the Sandinistas and mentor to the young intellectuals drawn to Managua during that period, she has published over 40 books of poetry, fiction and testimony.

Four Poems by Daniel Flores y Ascencio
Two Poems by Daniel Flores y Ascencio
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My contradictions 

Come neither from desperation

If Death … by Miguel Huezo Mixco
Five Poems by Roque Dalton

El Salvador will be a beautiful

So You Understand Once and For All by Miguel Huezo Mixco
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Because writing is also being with you

Two Poems by Daniel Flores y Ascencio

To Die of Love

A tree
A verse
A dove

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