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Cynthia Hopkins by Craig Lucas
Cynthia Hopkins collage

“I don’t think about the audience. If I thought about the audience, I’d be writing Rent.”—Cynthia Hopkins

Nico Muhly’s Speaks Volumes by Craig Lucas
​Nico Muhly

If you stripped radiant joy of all associations to sentimentality, you might hear the work of composer Nico Muhly on speaks volumes, his first CD. 

October 1, 2001 by Craig Lucas

Throughout the Cold War, the American people were successfully talked into conflating our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms with “free-market capitalism.” These are two different things. There is nothing in the Constitution about profits or markets or capitalism. It’s time to put an end to profiteering as the primary goal behind our foreign policy.

Notes from the Editors: September 11 by Glenn O'Brien, Leslie Dick, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Craig Lucas, Deborah Eisenberg, Betsy Sussler, Silvana Paternostro, Mary Morris, Alison Summers & Jack Stephens

Everyone in New York has cried a wall of tears since it happened.

Craig Lucas’s What I Meant Was: New Plays and Selected One-Acts by Guy Gallo

The plays of Craig Lucas are written with a keen awareness for theatrical space and theatrical silence and includes a wide spectrum of situations: mourning lovers, Hollywood assholes, street kids and more.

Peggy Shaw by Craig Lucas

Legendary cross-dresser and co-founder of the theater troupe Split Britches joins playwright Craig Lucas for non-stop laughter and revelations about alternative theater, life, drugs, and the busting of conventions in general.

Gerald Busby by Craig Lucas
​​Gerald Busby

Gerald Busby (deep breath!) made his professional debut as a pianist at 15; toured the Southwest with evangelist Angel Martinez; studied under Charles Laughton, Burgess Meredith, and Frank Lloyd Wright at Baylor University;

Equality in Theater by Craig Lucas
57 Lucas 01 Body

The Bohen Series on Critical Discourse: “Equality in the Theater” by Craig Lucas.

Tony Kushner by Craig Lucas
Kushner Tony 01 Bomb 043

“It’s been a very, very strange time. I feel very lost and confused and sort of unclear about what I should be doing with the play, where I should be going with it and where I should be going after the play is done.”

Orpheus In Love by Craig Lucas


1. Sleepsong

(The Tenor is alone in bed. Two Bassoonists play.)

Edward Albee by Craig Lucas
Albee 01 Body
Deborah Eisenberg by Craig Lucas
Eisenberg 01 Body

“That to me is what writing is—to try and strip away the layers.”

Craig Lucas by Billy Hopkins
Lucas 01 Body

“I found it extraordinarily enlightening, and I’m not as afraid of death. I’m fascinated by death. It’s an equal part of our life; it’s the other end—cover on the book.”

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