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Damaged Goods: Michael Glawogger by Craig Hubert

Michael Glawogger makes movies about humans in a globalized world. Things don’t look good.

Damaged Goods: Michael Glawogger by Craig Hubert

Michael Glawogger makes movies about humans in a globalized world. Things don’t look good.

Damaged Goods: Hong Sang-soo by Craig Hubert
Hong Sang-soo

Director Hong Sang-soo talks about process, collaboration, and drinking, without wasting a syllable.

Damaged Goods: Jean-Pierre Gorin by Craig Hubert
Gorin  Poto And Cabengo Image 04

Damaged Goods on radical Godard-collaborator Jean-Pierre Gorin’s remarkable California Trilogy.

Damaged Goods: Wim Wenders by Craig Hubert

Damaged Goods talks to Wim Wenders about his most recent film Pina and his choice to film the late choreographer’s work in 3D.

Damaged Goods: Deep End by Craig Hubert
deep end 01

Jerzy Skolimowski’s Deep End, in revival at BAM, throws viewers headfirst into a disorienting, isolating era. Craig Hubert explores the film’s bad-trip vibe.

Damaged Goods: John Landis by Craig Hubert
John Landis

The director’s varied career, the “wild energy” behind his films, and why he loves monsters.

Damaged Goods: Aki Kaurismäki by Craig Hubert
1563 024 Body

“A movie without at least one live music performance is like a Pope without artificial teeth.” So says Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismäki in a conversation with Damaged Goods about his remarkable new film Le Havre.

Damaged Goods: Harun Farocki by Craig Hubert
How to live in the frg

Craig Hubert reports on Harun Farocki, “the best-known unknown filmmaker in Germany,” and his turbulent relationship with the image. A retrospective of Farocki’s work is in progress at Anthology Film Archives.

Damaged Goods: Diamonds in the Rough by Craig Hubert
Invasion  1 Resized Body

Craig Hubert discusses two gems from the 2011 New York Film Festival: Invasion, an Argentine film with a controversial past, and Dreileben, three conjoined horror films from three different directors.

Damaged Goods: Japanese New Wave by Craig Hubert
Damaged Goods Japanese New Wave

Craig Hubert discusses The Warped World of Koreyoshi Kurahara, a box set gathering five Japanese New Wave films directed by Koreyoshi Kurahara.

Damaged Goods: Talking Head by Craig Hubert
Sabotaging Body

Craig Hubert discusses Anthology Film Archives’ new film series, Talking Head.

Damaged Goods: Women and Pre-Code Hollywood by Craig Hubert
16Threeonamatch Body

“Don’t tell me the jive session has beat off without baby!” In this week’s Damaged Goods, Craig Hubert takes a stroll through pre-code Hollywood and highlights the feminine undertones of some classic films of the era.

Damaged Goods: Les Blank by Craig Hubert
Gaptoothedwomen Body

In this week’s tasty, deep-fried Damaged Goods, Craig Hubert makes a feast of MoMA’s Les Blank retrospective, on through July 11.

Damaged Goods: Generation Gap by Craig Hubert
Le Rayon Vert Ch Body

In this week’s Damaged Goods, Craig Hubert explores directors Eric Rohmer and Jean Eustache, two archetypal members of the French New Wave.

Damaged Goods: New Hollywood Misfits by Craig Hubert
Outoftheblue3 Body

In this week’s Damaged Goods, Craig Hubert discusses New Hollywood, Dennis Hopper’s Out of the Blue and Monte Hellman’s Cockfighter. Hellman’s mind-bending new film, Road to Nowhere, is out this Friday.

Damaged Goods: Life During Wartime by Craig Hubert
2Wtdw Body

In the inaugural entry of his new column Damaged Goods, Craig Hubert discusses Went the Day Well?and United Red Army, two films with different perspectives on the complexities of war.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul at the New Museum by Craig Hubert
Apichatpong Weerasethakul At The New Museum

“Architecture is my past life.” Craig Hubert recaps Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s four hour “master class” at the New Museum last Sunday.

Yonder Stands Your Orphan by Craig Hubert
Rudolph Wurlitzer Body

Since the late ’60s, Rudolph Wurlitzer has produced five novels and a dozen screenplays that, rather than simply begin and end, just happen. Craig Hubert talks to Wurlitzer about his recent retrospective at Anthology Film Archives and the audio book release of his novel Slow Fade, read by Will Oldham.

The Arbor: Clio Barnard by Craig Hubert
Arbor 6 Body

Clio Barnard’s new film The Arbor tells the true story of playwright Andrea Dunbar, “a genius straight from the slums.” The filmmaker discusses her unconventional approach to the doomed artist’s life with Craig Hubert.

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