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Craig Gholson, 1951–1992
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Beloved, Beloved, Beloved by all who knew him, friends and associates in the theater, art and literary worlds, dearly respected by his fellow writers and editors. He will be missed and loved forever and ever …

Nicole Burdette by Craig Gholson
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Constance Congdon by Craig Gholson
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Epic hardly begins to describe the scope of Constance Congdon’s plays. Her first play had 30 scenes and 57 characters.

Keith Reddin by Craig Gholson
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“The characters that I create have to create their own happiness or search for their own happiness. It’s not given to them. They’re happy people, but they have to fight for that happiness.”

Romulus Linney by Craig Gholson
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Romulus Linney penned dramas that pinpointed emotional moments in the lives of his subjects. We will miss one of our most cherished playwrights and BOMB’s contributing Editor in Theater. We remember him with this Winter 1993 Craig Gholson interview.

Jo Shane by Craig Gholson

Just beneath the surface of the familiar is where you’ll find the wit that is distinctively Jo Shane’s. In irony, she finds power and voice for her passions.

Richard Nelson by Craig Gholson
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Richard Nelson has adapted Lolita into a 90-minute monologue for the National Theater in London.

Fay Weldon by Craig Gholson
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“I would say that Americans don’t need a literature of the macabre because they’re so busy enacting it within their society.”

Robert Gober by Craig Gholson
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“The Church was a very sick place. The Church that I knew was an extremely hypocritical institution. That might be where I got my initial inspiration of perversity, growing up within the Catholic Church.”

Bobbie Ann Mason by Craig Gholson
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“People are dealing with their relationships in the face of the phenomenal swirl of change going on in this world. And it’s what we’re all doing, all of the world. And it’s very confusing and scary and hard for the center to hold, and hard to know where you belong and what’s going to last.”

Terry Kinney by Craig Gholson
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Terry Kinney, a founding member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, talks about his play, Brilliant Traces, and why he prefers acting over directing.

Jon Robin Baitz  by Craig Gholson
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Jon Robin Baitz speaks to Craig Gholson about growing up as a detached observer and turning that to his advantage as a successful writer for stage and television.

Stockard Channing by Craig Gholson
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The Emmy and Tony Award winner on her turbulent career, the artifice of theater, and creating whole characters.

John Patrick Shanley by Craig Gholson
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The creator of Moonstruck and Five Corners emphatically shares his maxims with Craig Gholson.

Los Angeles by Craig Gholson
Mike Kelley 01 Bomb 022

A conversation between Mike Kelley and Craig Gholson on the LA art scene. Part of Wade Saunder’s Los Angeles portfolio.

British Theatre: Rose English by Craig Gholson
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Featuring the English stage, Allen Frame interviews Gary Stevens and Rose English in a diptych of an interview called the “British Theatre.”

Richard Greenberg  by Craig Gholson
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Playwright Richard Greenberg discusses the importance of writing the same play over and over again.

Christopher Durang  by Craig Gholson
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A Christopher Durang survival kit to the pitfalls of modern life would be easy to carry: a laugh and a sense of irony.

Linda Hunt by Craig Gholson & Vincent Caristi

Academy Award winner Linda Hunt speaks with Craig Gholson and Vincent Caristi about her roles in The Year of Living DangerouslySilverado, and the Public Theater’s production of Wallace Shawn’s Aunt Dan and Lemon.

Chaos In Order by Craig Gholson
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