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Social Volition by Cora Cohen
Ralph Humphrey 01

Ralph Humphrey asked me about ten times what I thought of his last show. I said something different each time he asked. 

Two Paintings by Cora Cohen
25 Cohen 01 Body

Two oil and flashe paintings on linen, Souilliac: The Story of Theophilus and Psychostasis by Cora Cohen.

Joan Mitchell by Cora Cohen & Betsy Sussler
Mitchell02 Body

Famed Abstract-Expressionist Joan Mitchell evades questions and ties the interview format into a knot, all the while offering hints at the unapologetic brilliance behind her craft.

Two Paintings by Cora Cohen
17 Cohen 26 Body

Two paintings on linen, titled Unmoved Mover and Flenshing, by Cora Cohen.

Training the Warhorse by Cora Cohen
Bomb 11 Cohen 001 Body
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