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The Simplest Thing by Cookie Mueller

Floating on Confidence Lake, on a queen sized inflatable rubber pancake kind of thing, was Molly, the woman who lately had been thinking of herself as a joke. She almost was, but in this setting who was around to laugh?

My Bio: Notes on an American Childhood, 1949–1959 by Cookie Mueller

The year I was born, 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed, the Dutch were ousted from Indonesia, and the first Russian nuclear bomb was exploded. So what. It didn’t happen in America, so who cared?

The Mystery of Tap Water by Cookie Mueller
​Julia Heyward 001

Julie lost her mind one day …

The Head Gargoyle: H. M. Koutoukas by Cookie Mueller
Koutoukas 01 Body

H. M. Koutoukas writes and directs plays. Although there’s been no full scale public production in about four years, he’s had 150 equity approved extravangas and 40 one-act pieces produced.

Baltimore 1969 by Cookie Mueller
Walter Robinson 01

I was shopping for Kielbasa, but it was the end of the day for the butchers at the A and P, and they were breaking down the meat section, so I settled for a package of frozen Jones Breakfast Links.

Theatre by Cookie Mueller
Cookie Mueller 01

As far as theatre goes I wasn’t born yet, at best I am in diapers.

Brenda Losing/Valerie Losing 2 by Cookie Mueller

She was five feet less than a year ago, but now she is four feet two because of a horrible, delicate operation where she had her thighs removed.

A True Story About Two People: Easter 1964  by Cookie Mueller

I had two lovers and I wasn’t ashamed. The first was Jack. He was 17 and I was 15. 

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