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Beth B by Coleen Fitzgibbon

“My work is so much about breaking that cycle of trauma, abuse, violence, and disturbance. It brings it out into the open so we can have a dialogue.”

Kristi Zea & Jacki Ochs by Coleen Fitzgibbon

“I wanted to do a movie about a woman I respect—a woman artist.”

Carolee Schneemann by Coleen Fitzgibbon
Carolee Schneemann 01 Bomb 132

Breaking the Frame, a film by Marielle Nitoslawska about Schneemann’s unique legacy, serves as a departure point for an exchange about the “beauty paradox,” historical and contemporary patriarchies, and the artist’s ongoing subversion of gender codes.

On the Paintings of David Lynch by William J. Simmons & Coleen Fitzgibbon
David Lynch 1

Masculinity, melodrama, and the Black Lodge.

Ben Rivers by Coleen Fitzgibbon
Ben Rivers 1

With fellow filmmaker Fitzgibbon, Rivers discussed recreating utopian visions. A Spell To Ward Off the Darkness, made in collaboration with Ben Russell, is a three-part meditation on the possibility of making those visions real.

Coleen Fitzgibbon by P. Adams Sitney
Fitzgibbon 01 Body

In the early ’70s, Fitzgibbon made a series of radical films and then put them aside. P. Adams Sitney begins to unravel the story behind Fitzgibbon’s early, seductive flicker films to her latest iPhone movies.

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