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Artists on Writing: An Interview with Carroll Dunham by Matthew Weinstein

“I don’t consider anything about my writing to be natural.”

Klaus Kertess (1940–2016)
Klaus Kertess Portrait Bomb 01

What I loved most about Klaus was his old-world elegance. 

Car Talk by Mary Simpson & Carroll Dunham
Car Talk 01

Hitting the road.

Mel Kendrick by Carroll Dunham
Kendrick 01

Mel Kendrick’s studio has always been filled with tools. The place feels like an extension of his brain and body, a labyrinth of identity projection and maintenance where thought occurs through the manipulation of inert material rather than the coursing circuits of neurotransmission.

Alan Turner by Carroll Dunham

Turner’s characteristic care and orderliness have attenuated his methodology into a sequence of operations so mediated as to feel archeological. He has maneuvered outside the discursive loops of postmodernism to a place that’s really “nonmodern.” 

Erwin Pfrang by Carroll Dunham
Erwin Pfrang 1

Erwin Pfrang must have an itch that he can only reach by drawing. He fiddles around in some toxic waste site of the mind, pulling pictures out of cavities where anything could lurk. 

Two Paintings by Carroll Dunham
Carol Dunham 01

Two abstract works utilizing casein, flashe, casein emulsion, carbon transfer, carbon pencil, pencil, ink and linen tape on pine, Untitled and Untitled Drawing by Carroll Dunham.

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