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The Girl with the Matted Hair: Eight Scenes from Childhood by Carole Maso

When the children were small, they would often play their grave resurrection games back behind the prickle bushes at the Winterbear Montessori School.

The Room Lit by Roses by Carole Maso

For a long time I had wanted a child, but the desire, attenuated, had passed, and other feelings had taken its place.

A Theater of Dreams: Dixie Sheridan by Carole Maso
Sheridan 1 Body
Defiance by Carole Maso

Who is that child forced to dance through streamers and confetti and alcohol on a table for Kennedy half dollars?

Lucie Brock-Broido by Carole Maso
Brock Broido 01 Body

Novelist Carole Maso unearths the darkness in the dizzying poems of Lucie Brock-Broido, collected in her 1995 book, a seven year project inspired by Emily Dickinson’s Master Letters.

Defiance by Carole Maso

Appalling ruin of another afternoon. 

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